Your All-In-One Solution for Live Streaming Student Engagement.


CAMPUS NETWORK LIVE is your private live video network that allows campus activity leaders to price, schedule, promote and deliver live streaming broadcasts to student audiences of any size and engage students with one-to-one or one-to-many video calls. Combined with your onsite venues, CAMPUS NETWORK LIVE can help you extend your reach with virtual student services, virtual concerts and live streaming events.


No minimum views are needed. You can go live with a student audience of any size with CAMPUS NETWORK LIVE.


Your students, your network, your way.

Made for Student Services & Engagement

Centralized Access & Control

Every campus is provided with a unique website and a private live video network. Build up your student member database to deliver live video events, video calls and messaging updates.  Your students, your network, your way.

Schedule & Promote Tickets 

Schedule, price and promote your events to your student audiences. No need for separate live video and ticketing accounts to manage. Leverage our talent database or source your own to book virtual shows and events.

Live Broadcast Events

Deliver live streaming concerts, sports games and professional speakers to your student members, community and alumni only. No need to broadcast on social media sites - where you have no control or direct student benefit.

Student Engagement

Go live and interactive with student clubs, video podcasts and student leaders - anytime, anyplace from your web browser. Extend your reach to attract new student engagement and increase community loyalty.

Your All-In-One Solution for Live Streaming Student Engagement.


Registration Is Now Open.


Your students, your network, your way.


Registering for CAMPUS NETWORK LIVE is 100% free.

Once we confirm your campus size, we will contact you to review our activation, network subscription and ticketing fees.

You will have no streaming limits and no additional data fees.

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Students everywhere can enjoy live broadcasts and video calls from their PCs or take your campus events anywhere on their Smartphones, Tablets or Laptops.


With CAMPUS NETWORK LIVE... No Apps are required. There are no special downloads.


CAMPUS NETWORK LIVE is powered by ONVIVA's industry standard WebRTC live broadcast and video call technology universally available on Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge web browsers.



 September 24, 2020 - Click for Media Release << 

New live video network for students enhances college social life and campus entertainment.

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ONVIVA is a live video network that allows content creators and event producers to price, schedule, promote and deliver live streaming broadcasts and video calls. 


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